Capital Markets Research

As part of our Fullsail capital markets development initiative, we strive to assist stakeholders understand the components of New Brunswick’s capital markets and provide tools to analyze emerging trends. Our capital markets reports, dashboards and the supporting info-graphics are provided to help stakeholders visualize trends and identify areas for development.

Please contact Jeff Harriman, Capital Markets Specialist, for additional information.

Capital Markets Reports

2015 Capital Markets Report
Capital Markets Report 2014-Final.pdf
2013 Capital Markets Report
2013 Capital Markets Report Dashboard
2012 Capital Markets Report
2012 Capital Markets Report Dashboard
2012 Capital Markets Report InfoGraphics
2011 Capital Market Report
2011 Capital Markets Report Dashboard
2010 Capital Markets Report


Fullsail Reports

2016 Exploring Crowdfunding
2010 Nurturing Entrepreneurship Proposal - Improving Access to Capital (NBSC)
2008 Venturing Into A New Economy
2007 Recommendation Performance Statistics
2007 Angel Report
2007 Making the Commitment
2007 Fullsail / Self-Sufficiency Task Force: Areas of commonality
2007 Funding Our Future (NBSC)
2006 Roundtable on Fostering Capital Markets (NBSC)