Licence and Registration rules

FCNB licenses and registers a variety of individuals and firms who may play a role in your financial life.  Checking that they have the required licence or registration is an important first step in protecting yourself from frauds and scams.

This process protects New Brunswickers because FCNB will only license or register individuals or firms who meet certain criteria.  This may include criminal background checks, education requirements, or more.


SectorWho needs to be licensed or registered? How can I check?

Any person who carries on the business of insurance agent,

broker, adjuster or damage appraiser.


It does not matter if the person lives in New Brunswick or not.  If they do business in New Brunswick, they must be licensed with FCNB.


Individuals must be sponsored by a company (called an “insurer”) that is licensed to conduct the same type of insurance business in New Brunswick.

Search the Insurance Licence Database

Or contact FCNB directly.


Please Note: Until the current Insurance Licence Database and our new online system are harmonized, please also search the list of licences issued by our new online licensing system.  This list is available here



Any individual or firm, who acts as an adviser or is in the business of trading in securities or exchange contracts in New Brunswick, has to be registered with FCNB.  (In some cases an exemption may apply.  Click here to learn more about exemptions.) 


Individuals must be sponsored by a firm that is registered with FCNB.


Depending on what type of services they want to provide, a firm or individual may be required to be registered as an Investment Fund Manager, an Adviser, or a Dealer.  There are different categories of registration under each.  The category of registration tells you what investment products or services and individual or firm can offer.  Click here to learn more about categories of registration.


It does not matter where their office is located, they must be registered with the securities regulatory authority in each province or territory where they do business, even if they don’t have a physical presence there.

Use the National Registration Search tool


Or contact FCNB directly.


Mortgage Brokers

To broker or administer mortgages or be in the business of brokering mortgages in New Brunswick, an individual must be licensed with FCNB (unless an exemption applies).


There are four types of licences available: mortgage brokerage (brokerage), mortgage associate (associate), mortgage broker (broker), and mortgage administrator (administrator)


Depending on education and experience, an individual may be licensed as a mortgage broker or a mortgage associate.

Contact FCNB 

Door-to-door sales

Direct sellers must be licensed with FCNB and must carry their licence on them.  They must be associated with a licensed company. 


Learn more about buying from a direct seller,

Ask to see the salesperson’s licence. 


Check that it is not expired, that the seller is representing the vendor specified in the licence, and that it has been signed by the Director of Consumer Affairs and the salesperson.


There are a few exceptions to the licence requirements.  If you are not sure if the individual should have a licence, check with FCNB before you do business with them.

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