Financial Resources for Seniors

Recommendations and Results of Consultation

Improving Detection, Prevention and Response
to Senior Financial Abuse in New Brunswick

FCNB has released recommendations to safeguard older and vulnerable adults in New Brunswick from financial abuse.

Read it here:

Recommendations and Results of Consultation (June 2018)

Read the original Consultation Paper:

Improving Detection, Prevention and Response to Senior Financial Abuse in New Brunswick (November 2017)

We all become more dependent on others as we age, making us more vulnerable to potential financial abuse. Older victims of financial abuse, including investment fraud, are especially at risk; if seniors lose all or part of their life savings they have less time to recover their financial stability.


The effects of senior financial abuse and exploitation go well beyond the pocketbook and can lead to social isolation, depression, anxiety and other negative health effects.


Financial abuse of seniors could include:

    • a fraudulent investment;
    • an investment that is unsuitable for the seniorís circumstances;
    • theft; or
    • financial exploitation.


Downloadable Resources


Recognizing Financial Abuse

This brochure helps families and caregivers recognize red flags of financial abuse and take the next step to report and stop the abuse.

Money Talks: Financial Abuse

This checklist will help you start a conversation if you are concerned about the financial well-being of your parents or a senior close to you or you suspect they may be suffering financial abuse.

Grandparent Scam Checklist

Before sending money to a relative or friend in trouble, here are some things to ask yourself to help determine if the person on the phone is a genuine relative or someone trying to steal your money.

Strengthening Seniorsí Financial Literacy

Financial literacy means having the knowledge, skills and confidence to make responsible financial decisions.

5 Myths on Elder Financial Abuse

Protect yourself and seniors in your community by recognizing these 5 myths on elder financial abuse.

Early Signs of Financial Decline

Spotting these signs of early financial decline can help protect your loved ones.

Senior Financial Abuse in New Brunswick

FCNB issued a consultation paper in 2017 looking for solutions to help prevent and respond to the financial abuse of seniors in New Brunswick.

FCNB Senior Engagement Sessions
FCNB Forum on Senior Financial Abuse


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