Protect your Credit

Keep Your Records 

It is always important to keep documentation regarding your credit products so you can refer to them if a dispute or problem arises.  Be wary of companies willing to extend you credit without a paper trail (such as fax-less loans).

Be careful of lenders with no physical address or only a PO box

Unscrupulous companies often have no physical location, and provide just a PO Box as an address to give the impression they are an established company.

Read The Terms of Use

Don’t just click or sign indicating that you have read the fine print without actually reading it. While it is extremely common for people to accept terms of use online without reading, important information such as how will they use and share your personal info is contained in these terms.  In some cases you may be consenting to having your information shared with other credit lenders, organizations or market research firms.

Avoid binary options at all costs

Binary options scams find their victims through ads placed on social media, websites, chat programs, or unsolicited text messages or phone calls.  A so-called “expert trader” works from a script and uses high-pressure sales tactics to get you to set up an account on their website.  Once an account is set up they entice you with “free money” to start trading.  Then they get you to “invest” your own money using a credit card, pre-paid card, or money transfer.

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