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Commission Members

Expectations of all FCNB members

Each member is responsible for the effective management and execution of many duties including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Participate in the review and approval of Commission policies and strategies and in monitoring their implementation
  • Be an available resource to management and the Commission
  • Understand the difference between governing and managing, and not encroach on management’s area of responsibility

  • Encourage free and open discussion of the affairs of the Commission by its members

  • Become acquainted with senior management and question them appropriately and at proper times on strategy, implementation and results

  • Participate on committees when asked and become knowledgeable about the purposes and terms of reference of the committees

  • Be an effective ambassador for and representative of the Commission

  • Act at all times in the best interest of the Commission and conduct business and personal affairs in a manner which avoids embarrassment to the Commission

  • Attend all Commission and standing committee meetings unless special circumstances, as acknowledged by the Chair, prevent the member from attending

Appointment of members

All members are appointed by an Order-in-Council issued by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council. The Commission plays a role in the selection of candidates to recommend to the Minister for appointment to the Commission. The Human Resources and Governance Committee establishes the nomination process. The Human Resources and Governance Committee recommends candidates to the Commission to be recommended to the Minister. The Chair presents the list of the Commission’s recommended candidates and their profiles to the Minister.

For a full description of member duties and responsibilities, member appointment process, and the responsibilities attached to specific member roles, please consult the FCNB Governance Policy document.