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Managing Your Investments

While many New Brunswickers choose to work with a registered investment firm or individual, investors may also choose to work with an online investment adviser (sometimes referred to as a robo-advisor) or take the wheel and manage their investments themselves through self-directed investing.  

The choice comes down to knowing yourself, your needs, and your abilities when it comes to the knowledge, time, self discipline, and emotional control required to invest. 

Registered Firms and Individuals 

A registered investment firm and the individual can help you assess your financial needs and goals, build a portfolio, and recommend suitable investments for you.


Some portfolio managers in Canada offer advice and services to investors online. Canadian “online investment advisers” (or robo-advisors) are not the same as the fully automated robo-advisors operating in the United States. Canadian online advisers provide a hybrid service that allows them to reduce costs to investors by using technology to automate certain processes that typically don’t require as much human interaction. However, a human advisor is still actively involved in reviewing the automated recommendations and decision-making. Robo-advisors typically offer portfolios with low-cost investments and often don’t require your interaction to approve each trade made on your behalf. Robo-advisors use algorithms to recommend a portfolio based on your answers to a questionnaire. Registration rules still apply to online advisors – so before investing, be sure to check that the online advisor you are considering is registered with FCNB. 

Self-Directed Investing 

Self-directed (or DIY) investing is becoming more popular as a way to further reduce costs. However, it may not be the right approach for all investors. Self-directed investors build and manage their own portfolios, and should have the time, dedication and self-discipline to research investments, make investment decisions appropriate for their own circumstances, and weather volatile markets with a cool head.

Regardless of which model or combination you choose, make sure you understand what fees and charges you will pay to invest, and know where to go for help should you need it.