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Consumer Protections

As a consumer, you should expect to be treated fairly and honestly by the businesses you buy from. You should also feel confident when you make a purchase. FCNB is New Brunswick’s consumer protection watchdog. Through licensing, regulation, enforcement, and administration, we help maintain a fair marketplace while educating consumers and businesses about their rights and responsibilities. We investigate consumer complaints and provide information to the public on how to resolve complaints.

Since the Consumer Affairs mandate deals primarily with transactions that occur between a business and an individual (consumer), the department is unable to intervene in business-to-business transactions.

Check before buying

Being a smart consumer is about more than just getting a great deal. It’s about knowing your rights and responsibilities as a consumer, and what protections you have when making a consumer purchase in New Brunswick.

Have questions about such things as gift cards, auctions, refunds, warranties, direct sales, and funeral arrangements? This section has tips, tools, and resources that might answer your questions and help you make more informed decisions.