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Legislation, Regulations and Rules

As the province’s financial and consumer services regulator, we administer several statutes and regulations. The legislative framework in the Financial and Consumer Services Commission Act (FCNB Act), and in many other Acts we administer, provides FCNB with specific rule-making authorities, including the authority to make rules governing fees and other charges. Using our expertise, we create and implement rules that provide us additional flexibility to respond to market and/or product changes. The rule-making process includes a mandatory consultation period during which stakeholders are encouraged to comment and provide feedback on the proposed new rule or change. Visit this page to find proposed rules and changes out for comment. Once in force, rules are legally binding, the same as Acts and Regulations.

The following table outlines FCNB’s regulatory framework:

Name Description
Legislation / Regulation
  • Legally binding.
  • Legally binding.
  • Developed through process defined in the FCNB Act and Rule-making Procedure Regulation, with final approval from Minister.
Interpretation Bulletins/Notices
  • Provided by FCNB as guidance for industry.
  • Sets out FCNB’s view of requirements under its legislative mandate (for example, legislation, regulation and rules). Non-compliance can lead to enforcement or supervisory action.
  • Provides information from FCNB on certain topics, such as best or good practices, without creating compliance obligations for regulated persons.
  • Provides information for consumers and industry related to areas FCNB regulates.


Please select a topic to view the associated Act, regulations, and rules:


Financial and Consumer Services Commission Act


Regulation 2014-18: Rule-making Procedure Regulation

Regulation 2018-69: Financial and Consumer Services Tribunal Regulation


Auctioneers Licence Act


Regulation 85-133: Fees Regulation


Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act


Regulation 84-256: General Regulation 

Rule CDSS-001 Debt Settlement Services



Notice of Adoption - Rule CDSS-001


Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act


Regulation 84-31: Fees Order - Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act


Consumer Product Warranty and Liability Act


Cooperatives Act


Rule COOP-001 General

Rule COOP-002 Fees



Notice of Rule COOP-001 General and COOP-002 Fees

Notice of Adoption COOP-001 General and COOP-002 Fees


Cost of Credit Disclosure and Payday Loans Act


Regulation 2010-104: General Regulation

Regulation: 2017-23: Payday Lending Regulation

Rule PDL-001 Payday Loans Licensing and Ongoing Obligations (Consolidated up to 15 February 2019)

Rule PDL-002 Fees (Consolidated up to 15 February 2019)



Notice of Adoption of Amendments PDL-001 Payday Loans Licensing and Ongoing Obligations and PDL-002 Fees

Rule PDL-001 Payday Loans Licensing and Ongoing Obligations

Rule PDL-002 Fees

Notice of Adoption PDL-001 Payday Loans Licensing and Ongoing Obligations and PDL-002 Fees


Credit Unions Act


Regulation 2019-31: Deposit Insurance Regulation

Rule CU-001 General

Rule CU-002 Networking



Notice of Rule CU-001 General and CU-002 Networking

Notice of Adoption CU-001 General and CU-002 Networking


Credit Reporting Services Act


Rule CRS-001 Credit Reporting Services Licensing and Ongoing Obligations

Rule CRS-002 Fees

Rule CRS-003 Credit Repair Agreements and Prohibited Representations



Notice of Adoption - Rule CRS-001, Rule CRS-002, Rule CRS-003


Direct Sellers Act


Regulation 84-151: General Regulation


Franchises Act


Regulation 2010-92: Disclosure Document Regulation

Regulation 2010-93: Mediation Regulation


Gift Cards Act


Regulation 2008-152: General Regulation


Insurance Act


Regulation 83-197: Licence and Examination Fees for Agents and Brokers Regulation

Regulation 84-73: Licence Revival Fee Regulation

Regulation 85-11: Damage Appraisers Regulation

Regulation 90-6: Uninsured Automobile and Unidentified Automobile Coverage Regulation

Regulation 94-142: Assessment Regulation

Regulation 95-5: Agents and Brokers Regulation

Regulation 2003-15: Prohibited Underwriting Practices Regulation

Regulation 2003-20: Injury Regulation

Regulation 2003-36: Life Insurance Agent Licensing Regulation

Regulation 2004-139: Automobile Rating Classification Regulation

Regulation 2004-140: Recently Licensed Driver Rate Reduction Regulation

Regulation 2004-141: Fault Determination Regulation

Regulation 2006-32: New Brunswick Insurance Board Regulation

Regulation 2009-52: Adjusters Regulation

Regulation 2009-85: Levy Interest Rate Regulation

Regulation 2012-52: Classes of Insurance Regulation

Regulation 2012-53: Compensation Association Regulation


Loan and Trust Companies Act


Regulation 92-47: General Regulation


Mortgage Brokers Act


23 March 2020 Blanket Order MB

Rule MB-001 Licensing and Ongoing Obligations (Consolidated up to 1 October 2018)

Rule MB-002 Mortgage Brokers Fees (Consolidated up to 1 October 2018)

Guidelines to Rule MB-001 Licensing and Ongoing Obligations - Updated 1 October 2018



Rule MB-001 Licensing and Ongoing Obligations (Adopted 1 April 2016)

Rule MB-002 Fees (Adopted 1 April 2016)

1 October 2018 Notice of Adoption of Amendments MB-001 and MB-002

1 October 2018 Amendment Instrument to Rule MB-001

1 October 2018 Amendment Instrument to Rule MB-002

1 April 2016 Blanket Order MB

15 December 2015 - Notice of Adoption MB-001 and MB-002


Nursing Homes Pension Plans Act


Regulation 2010-109: General Regulation


Pension Benefits Act


Regulation 91-195: General Regulation

Regulation 2005-157: St. Anne-Nackawic Pension Plans Regulation

Regulation 2012-75: Shared Risk Plans Regulation

Regulation 2014-112: Fraser Papers' Shared Risk Plans Regulation 


Pre-arranged Funeral Services Act


Regulation 88-32: General Regulation

Regulation 94-122: Compensation Fund Regulation


Real Estate Agents Act


Regulation 85-24: General Regulation


Securities Act


Regulation 2010-127: Rule-making Procedure Regulation

Regulation 2012-97: Forms Regulation


Regulatory Instruments Database 


Securities Transfer Act