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$1 million reunited with New Brunswickers through Unclaimed Property Program

News Release.

New Brunswick’s Unclaimed Property Program hit an exciting milestone this month when the total of funds reunited with their owners surpassed $1 million.

“This number is very exciting,” said Marissa Sollows, the Commission’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs. “The goal of the Program is to reunite forgotten money with the people it belongs to – and put it back into the economy.”

The Program, which launched in 2022, just completed its second reporting period, adding more than $3.4 million in new unclaimed property. Currently there is more than $32 million available to claim through the program. There are several cash properties worth over $25,000 which have not yet been claimed. 

New Brunswickers can search for free on to see if they have any unclaimed property. They simply need to enter a name in the search tool on, and the database will generate a list of any matching unclaimed funds reported to the Program.

“For those who conducted a search in their name and didn’t find anything the first time, they may want to do so again,” Sollows said. “It is important to check regularly, as we are continually adding new unclaimed property as it is received. We encourage New Brunswickers to make a habit of checking”

Those who do not have access to the internet at home are encouraged to visit their local library for access to the internet to search

During the reporting period, which runs January 1 to March 31 every year, businesses and other entities holding unclaimed property are required to report these funds to the Program via

Businesses can visit for FAQs and resources including step-by-step guides, manuals, webinars and templates built to walk them through the reporting process.

More information about the program and how money becomes unclaimed can be found at

Audio files of Marissa Sollows, the Commission’s Director of Communications and Public Affairs

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