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Consumer Advisory - FCNB Revokes Insurance Broker’s Licence


The Financial and Consumer Services Commission (FCNB) has revoked Dean E. Fletcher’s licence to sell insurance or operate in the industry.  

At a recent hearing it was revealed that, on a number of occasions, Mr. Fletcher failed to obtain insurance for clients who believed that insurance was in place. He is the owner of Harvey Insurance Ltd., and has been a licensed insurance broker since 1988.

The hearing resulted after a complaint was received in March. After examining the documents and hearing evidence, the Acting Superintendent determined that Fletcher’s actions and conduct raised into question his competency and trustworthiness to transact business as an insurance broker. Evidence showed that Mr. Fletcher had:

  1. failed to obtain insurance policies for clients who were led to believe, or who reasonably assumed that policies were in place;
  2. accepted payment of premiums for non-existent policies;
  3. directed payment of premiums other than to Harvey’s proper trust account;
  4. failed to pay over insurance premiums to the insurer; and
  5. failed to maintain proper records.

Staff also determined that Mr. Fletcher had a prior history of regulatory infractions for similar conduct in 2006. This earlier conduct resulted in Mr. Fletcher being placed under supervision with terms and conditions on his licence.

“We have the mandate to help protect consumers through the provision of regulatory and educational services,” said Jake van der Laan, Director of Enforcement of FCNB. “FCNB has a responsibility to see that the public interest is protected and that consumers have confidence that the industry operates properly, fairly and with integrity. Those working in the industry need to have the confidence that the industry is properly regulated and that those operating in the industry are competent to do so. Therefore a revocation of Mr. Fletcher’s licence, while a severe sanction, was warranted.”

FCNB is advising clients of Fletcher and Harvey Insurance Ltd. to contact their insurance company directly and confirm that all desired coverages are actually in place. Full details of the decision and order are available online.

Any person who carries on the business of an insurance agent, broker, adjuster or damage appraiser in New Brunswick, whether or not the person is a resident of the province, must have a valid licence under the Insurance Act of New Brunswick. This applies to all insurance business, whether it is done in person, in writing, over the telephone or online. Consumers are encouraged to Search the Commission’s Database before purchasing an insurance contract, and if there are any concerns to contact FCNB via their website, or at 1 866 933 2222.

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