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FRAUD ALERT: Canada Revenue Agency Text Messaging Scam


Scammers are sending texts to New Brunswickers impersonating the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The text messages suggest the consumer is owed a tax refund. The messages claim a past year’s refund was not sent because of a technical difficulty. These texts invite recipients to click on a link to receive the refunds they are owed.

How to recognize Text Messaging Scams

  • Text messaging scams occur when scammers use deceptive text messages to lure you into providing personal or financial information. The scammers send text messages impersonating a government agency, bank, telephone provider or other company.
  • Messages typically will ask you to provide or confirm usernames, passwords, credit/debit, PINs and other sensitive information that can be used to commit financial crimes. In this case, the message asks the recipient to clink on a link.
  • The text sometimes contains spelling mistakes or awkward language. In this case, the text claims to come from “Revenue Of Canada.”
  • A deceptive text may contain a link to a bogus CRA website that the scammers will use to capture whatever you type on that page. Selecting the link may also cause malicious software (malware) to download to your mobile phone.
  • The CRA never sends emails or texts with a link asking consumer to divulge personal information.

What to do if you receive a text from the Canada Revenue Agency

  • Don’t click on the link inside the text.
  • Delete the text immediately.

Where to report the Canada Revenue Agency Text Messaging Scam

Learn more about the latest CRA scams and how to protect yourself at the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Learn more about how to report fraud and where to report fraud.

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