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Tax Scam – The CRA won’t call or email you about your tax bill!


If you receive a phone call or email from someone saying they work with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), hang up or delete the email.

Each year as tax time looms, tax payers are targeted by fraudsters over the phone or by email.  Pretending to be from the CRA, the scammer contacts you in an attempt to steal money, or access your personal or financial information.  

You’ve Been Audited: The pitch may say that you have been audited and that you owe back taxes.  The fraudsters may threaten and use aggressive and forceful language in an attempt to scare you into paying this fake debt immediately to avoid a fine, jail time, or deportation.  

You Have a Refund: The pitch may say that you are owed money, either a tax refund, or a benefit payout.  The fraudsters ask for personal information in order to “process” the payment.

You may receive an email urging you to visit a website to access your refund or pay the outstanding debt.  These links will actually take you to a fake site that asks you to verify your identity.  Although it may look like an official site, you’re actually just giving your personal and private information to a scammer.

What should I do?

The CRA will never ask for your personal information by email or text message.  As a taxpayer, you have already provided the CRA with personal information and they will have it on file.

If you receive a call or email from the CRA, hang up (or delete the email).  If you are concerned about the status of your account, contact the CRA directly or log-in and check your account online. For more information about this scam, visit the CRA’s page Protect Yourself Against Fraud.