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Mortgage Brokers Portal FAQ

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This section contains:

  1. Authorization by Brokerage
  2. Suitability Issues
  3. Trust Accounts
  4. Educational Requirements
  5. Termination

Authorization by Brokerage

Am I required to have my application authorized by the mortgage brokerage?

The Mortgage Brokers Act requires that all associates and brokers be authorized by a mortgage brokerage that is licensed to conduct business in New Brunswick.

You must indicate the name and email address of the principal broker or authorized individual within the brokerage that will authorize your application. 

Who can sign the authorization?

The authorization must be given by the brokerages principal broker or an individual authorized by the brokerage to approve your application.  If you are not certain of the authorized individual, you should contact your brokerage.

Who is an authorized individual?

The authorized individual is the principal broker and/or a person who has been designated by the brokerage company to approve the authorization of the associates and brokers. By providing authorization for an application for an associate or broker licence, the authorization confirms that they are aware of the qualifications and history of the applicant and that they recommend them as a trustworthy and competent person that should be entitled to a licence.

If I change companies, can I apply for a transfer online?

Licences are not transferable.  You must terminate your licence and reapply for a licence with the new brokerage.  

How do I establish proof of licensing in another jurisdiction?

Obtain a Certificate of Authority from that jurisdiction.  That is official proof from the regulator in your home jurisdiction that you hold a current and valid licence that is of a similar type to your licence application in New Brunswick.

Can a brokerage delete an application?

No.  Rejected or non-authorized applications are not deleted from the system.

Suitability Issues

I have filed for bankruptcy. Will I be eligible to apply for a licence?

Yes, but the application will be reviewed for suitability issues and you may be asked to provide additional documentation and information.

I have a criminal record and have been convicted of an offense. Am I eligible to apply for my insurance licence?

Yes, but the application will be reviewed for suitability issues and you may be asked to provide additional documentation and information.

Trust Accounts

I am a brokerage, or an associate/broker that is operating/residing in a province other than New Brunswick and I want to do business in New Brunswick. What do I need to be compliant?

Any individual wishing to conduct brokerage activities in New Brunswick must be licensed to do so.  For more information on the individual licence types and the associated requirements, please click here.

Educational Requirements

What are the educational requirements for each of the licence types and what documents do I need to upload with my application to confirm that I have completed the required courses?

Information on the required educational courses may be found here.


An associate/broker has been was terminated; can I terminate a licence online?

Brokerages must, immediately upon termination, file a change in circumstances via the portal.