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Pensions Portal FAQ

Should you have an inquiry which is not addressed below please contact us at 866 933-2222 and we will be pleased to assist you.

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This section contains:

  1. Guides
  2. Tutorials
  3. The Online Process
  4. Plan Administrators
  5. Employers
  6. Delegates
  7. AVR/CC
  8. AIR


Before You Begin - Pensions

Before You Begin - Standard Contracts

Before You Begin - LIF to RRIF Transfer

Portal Pension User Guide

Portal - LIF to RRIF Transfer User Guide

Portal - Standard Contracts User Guide

Portal - Account creation - Standard contracts


Guide to using the online portal - Standard Contracts (video)

Guide to using the online portal - LIF/RRIF transfers (video)

The Online Process

Will paper forms still be available?

Forms that we supply but that are not submitted to FCNB (for example, Form 3.2) are still available on our website .

What options are available for payment of fees?

Payment options are: ‘Pay online (credit card)’, or ‘Payment to follow (by mail or delivery to FCNB)’. Our address is 225 King Street, suite 200, Fredericton N.B., E3B 1E1

Plan Administrators

How long can I expect to wait for a pension plan to be registered?

Our service standard is to register completed applications within two months provided there are no issues that need to be resolved prior to registration.

On the old paper forms, signatures needed to be witnessed by a Commissioner of Oaths, is that a requirement for pension plan documents with the new system?

Signatures for pension plan filings are no longer required to be signed in front of a Commissioner of Oaths.  


Our actuary or other service provider usually fills out part of our forms, how do we do that online?

You can name a delegate for your pension plan and that delegate can make filings on your behalf.


I have been added as a delegate to a pension plan. What does that mean?

A pension plan administrator has identified you as a person who should have access to the pension plan records in the FCNB portal for the purpose of making certain filings on behalf of the pension plan. If you have not already done so, please seek instructions from the plan administrator with respect to the particular filings you are to complete in the portal on behalf of the pension plan.

If you do not have a portal account, the email notification you received will also contain an invitation code to create one.  Simply click the link in the email to complete that process. Full instructions with respect to creating a user account are available in our Portal Basics User Guide which you can download from out Portal Basics page.

Can a standard contract registered by a portal user be accessed for amendment by another portal user?

No, the portal does not currently permit the creation of delegated users for users who register and manage standard contract registrations.  Only the user associated with a standard contract in our system can currently make amendments to the standard contract. 


Where do I submit my initial Actual Valuation Report (AVR) or Cost Certificate (CC)?

Once you have submitted all of the other information for the pension plan registration, your dashboard will indicate that you need to follow the AVR/CC process to submit that information.


Do I have to file any outstanding amendments before submitting the Annual Information Return (AIR)?

Yes. All outstanding amendments must be filed before submitting an AIR.

What do I do if I discover an error in the previous year’s filings?

Please contact our Pensions division at or 1-866-933-2222 to discuss with a Compliance Officer.

Who are active members?

Active members include members on lay-off, suspension, disability and leave of absence (whether or not contributions are made on their behalf).

Who are former members?

A former member is a person who has terminated employment or membership in a pension plan and is entitled to a payment, a pension or a deferred pension payable from the fund.  

Where do I report funds transferred into the pension plan from an RRSP (Qualifying Transfer)?

Under Normal cost and special payment contributions; Member contributions; c. Other contributions made by members (please provide details)

Where do I report funds transferred into the pension plan from LIRA’s or LIF’s?

Under Transfers, payments and earnings; A. Funds transferred into the plan from other pension plans.

Do I report all contributions required to be made during the pension plan year under review, or only contributions were remitted to the pension fund?

Only report contributions that were remitted to that pension fund during the pension plan year (cash basis).

What are voluntary contributions?

Voluntary contributions are contributions made by members which are additional to those required to be made under the terms of the plan.

I am trying to file an Annual Information Return (AIR) but the system will not let me file it. Why?

All prior AIRs must be properly completed and approved before you can file a new AIR. 

What happens if FCNB discovers that an AIR filed in the past was not properly completed?

If there are corrections that need to be made to any previously filed AIRs, they will be marked as Requiring More Information (RMI) and an email notification will be sent to the plan representative and delegate(s), if any. The pension plan administrator will then be responsible to make any required changes and resubmit the AIR for that year.  Once the corrected AIR is approved, you will be able to file a new AIR.  Please keep in mind that more than one previously filed AIR may need to be corrected and approved before you will be able to file a new AIR.