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Caution - That “free” sample might not really be free!


Use caution when signing up for free samples, free newsletters or for updated products from online companies.  

New Brunswick consumers have reported being invoiced or charged after signing up to receive free samples.  Consumers report seeing pop ups or advertisements after visiting certain web pages of fashion or beauty product retailers.  The advertisements ask the consumer to fill out their address to receive either free samples or free newsletters for updated products.  A few days later the consumer receives products they did not ask or pay for with an invoice requesting payment.  This is followed by a second invoice threatening to send the account to collections.

What should I do?

If you have provided your credit card information, you should contact the suspected company and request a stop payment.  Be sure to keep copies of all correspondence.  You can also refuse delivery of goods and should contact your financial institution or credit card provider.  

Be sure to read the fine print of any offer, even free ones, before providing your personal or financial information.