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Insurance Portal FAQ

Should you have an inquiry which is not addressed below please contact us at 866 933-2222 and we will be pleased to assist you.

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This section contains:

  1. Video Tutorial
  2. General
  3. Sponsorship
  4. Corporations and Agencies
  5. Fees
  6. Multiple Licences
  7. Multiple Year Licences
  8. Suitability Issues
  9. Trust Accounts
  10. Out of Province
  11. Educational Requirements
  12. Brokerages/Firms
  13. Termination
  14. Renewal

Video Tutorial

Online Insurance Licence Renewal Tutorial
How to renew your insurance licence online


What can I currently do online as it relates to insurance licensing?

Apply for a new licence, apply for a renewal, file a brokerage/firm change request, file a request for a change in sponsor, complete a regulatory reporting requirement under Section 26 of the Adjusters Regulation or Section 7 of the Damage Appraisers Regulation, purchase a certificate of authority, download a copy of a licence and check the status of a submitted application or other filing.

I am the assistant to an applicant. Can I create an account on behalf of the applicant and apply for them online?

The applicant should complete the questions. However, with the applicant’s permission, you can assist them. The applicant must validate the application prior to submitting it and is accountable for all information contained therein.  

How long can I expect to wait for my licence?

Our service standard is to process complete and paid applications with no suitability issues within 10 business days.  However, in periods of high volume, there can occasionally be delays. In the event of suitability issues, processing may take longer.

The time to complete processing may also be longer if  your licence application/renewal requires approval from a sponsoring insurer.

How do I receive a copy of my licence?

Once your licence has been approved, you can download a copy from  your “My Insurance Licences” page by selecting “Manage” next to the transaction ID and “Download Licence” at the bottom of the page.

How do I change my name in my profile on the portal?

Please send an email to with “Name change request” in the subject line. Provide the reason for the name change and any supporting information and documentation.  FCNB staff  will review your request and then make the change for you.

I have selected the wrong licence type and want to delete my application. What do I do?

A user cannot delete an application once a draft of it has been created in the system.  If you started an application for a wrong licence type FCNB staff can delete it for you.  Please send an email to

What is a Certificate of Authority?

A Certificate of Authority is official proof from the regulator in your home jurisdiction that you hold a current and valid insurance licence in that jurisdiction.

FCNB requires an original Certificate of Authority (COA) from my home jurisdiction. However, the online process has changed and an original copy is no longer available. Will a copy be sufficient?

We currently accept a copy of online verification from the following provinces: British Columbia, Ontario (FSCO), Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. The AMF in Quebec issues a PDF copy of the COA by email which can be uploaded into your application. Applicants from other jurisdictions must upload a scanned copy of a COA from their home jurisdiction.

What is a Licensing History Letter and how can I request one?

A Licensing History Letter is a document provided by FCNB that confirms your insurance history in New Brunswick. It lists in detail all insurance licences that you currently hold and were previously issued.

To obtain a Licensing History Letter, please email us at and state your request. There is no fee charged for this document. Please allow us at least 10 business days for processing.

What is a CIPR Number?

CIPR is short for the Canadian Insurance Participant Registry.  CIPR provides an applicant with a unique identifier.

All insurance applicants are required to obtain a CIPR number to apply for or renew a licence. Obtaining a CIPR number is free and can easily be done online at or by clicking the link provided on the portal profile page.


Am I required to have my application sponsored by an insurance company?

The Insurance Act requires that all agents and brokers be sponsored by an insurance company that is licensed to conduct business in New Brunswick.  You will be asked to select the insurer who will be your sponsor during the online application process.  Once you submit your application, your insurer will be notified and can then review your application and approve sponsorship online.  You can view the current status of a particular application on your home page in the portal.

I selected the wrong sponsor on my application. What do I do?

Please make a support request at and ask to have your application set to ‘Require More Information’ status.  This will allow you to edit it, correct the sponsoring insurer and then re-submit.

My sponsor has indicated “more information is required” to review my application for sponsorship approval. What do I do?

Review the particulars of the missing information and obtain the information or documents requested.  Your application will have been unlocked and you can add the information to the application and re-submit it.

If I change companies, can I apply for a transfer of sponsorship online?

Yes, you can apply to transfer sponsorship online. Please select the Change sponsorship button after clicking the Manage button for the licence requiring a sponsor change.

If I change sponsor and brokerage/firm at the same time, do I need to do two separate changes?

No.  You can select the option to Change sponsorship and Brokerage/firm.

Can a sponsor delete an application?

No.  Rejected or non-sponsored applications are not deleted from the system.

Corporations and Agencies

Does FCNB regulate and license insurance corporations?

Insurance Companies that wish to conduct business in New Brunswick must be licensed to do so.

We do not currently license agencies or brokerages. The business is, however, required to be registered with the Service New Brunswick Corporate Registry.

Exception:  Due to a reciprocal agreement between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, if the head office of the agency or brokerage is located in Nova Scotia and is registered with Service Nova Scotia’s Registry of Joint Stock Companies, it is not required to register with Service New Brunswick.

How do I register my company to sell insurance in New Brunswick?

Information respecting the Service New Brunswick Corporate Registry is available at


Is it possible to pay for an online application with a cheque?

Yes. To pay by cheque, select the option to send or deliver payment to FCNB separately and send or deliver the cheque to our office at 200-225 King Street, Fredericton NB E3B 1E1. Please clearly reference the Transaction ID that the payment relates to. Please note that an application will not be processed until full payment is received.

Is there a fee for obtaining a copy of my licence online?

No. Your application fee includes the electronic copy of your licence.  However, if you request that FCNB provide a paper copy of your licence, a fee will be required. 

I get reimbursed for my fees from my employer. Can I reprint a receipt from previous renewals or licences?

You can download a PDF of your transaction confirmation after paying with your debit or credit card. Please keep a copy of this should you require it later.

If my licence is not approved, can I get a refund of my fee?

All refund requests are considered on a case by case basis. If you wish to inquire about your eligibility for a refund, please contact licensing staff at

How can I pay for an application?

  • You can pay online with your credit card during the online application process.
  • You can attend at our office and pay with your credit card.
  • You can call our office and pay with your credit card.
  • You can send us a cheque, money order or bank draft.

For all non-online payments, please clearly reference the Transaction ID the payment relates to.

Multiple Licences

Can I have more than one licence? If so, what types? Do they need to be with the same agency or not?

You can hold more than one licence provided you qualify for each type. It is possible to hold licences for more than one corporation depending on the requirements of your employer and whether you meet the qualifications and requirements for the licences.

Multiple Year Licences

Can I apply for a 2 year licence? When am I eligible for a two year licence?

Under the current licensing system, you will qualify for a two year licence upon your sixth renewal. This can also be dependent on your licensing history with regard to transfers, licence conditions and suitability issues. Currently, licences with conditions can only be issued for one year. 

Suitability Issues

I have filed for bankruptcy. Will I be eligible to apply for my insurance license?

Yes, but the application will be reviewed for suitability issues and you may be asked to provide additional documentation and information.

I have a criminal record or have been convicted of an offense. Am I eligible to apply for my insurance licence?

Yes, but the application will be reviewed for suitability issues and you may be asked for additional documentation and information.

What is considered other employment or business activity?

Any employment or business activity in addition to the business of insurance. 

I have other employment or business activity. Will I still be able to apply for my insurance licence?

Yes, but the application will be reviewed for suitability issues and you may be asked to provide additional documentation and information.

Do I need to disclose other employment or business activity if I sell mutual funds or securities?


Trust Accounts

Do I need a trust account?

Section 364 of the Insurance Act requires insurance agents and brokers to have a separate account for the sole purpose of holding any money or other consideration held or received on account of any insurer or insured.  Adjusters who receive trust funds are also required to hold a trust account. Employees of an agency or brokerage can use the trust account established by their employer. Agents and brokers who do not receive trust funds may be eligible for a waiver.

Can I have multiple trust accounts associated with the same licence?

Yes, you can list multiple trust accounts for the same licence.

Out of Province

I am an agent/broker that is resident in a province other than New Brunswick and I want to do business in New Brunswick. What do I need to be compliant?

Any individual wishing to conduct insurance business in New Brunswick must be licensed to do so.  For more information on the individual licence types and the associated requirements, please click here.

I am/was licensed in another province/jurisdiction. Your information says that I must provide a criminal record check. I have already done this to obtain my licence in my home jurisdiction. Do I have to provide a new criminal record check to FCNB?

For all questions regarding criminal record checks, please refer to the Criminal Record Check page on our website

Educational Requirements

What are the educational requirements for each of the licence types and what documents do I need to upload with my application to confirm that I have completed the required courses?

A list of required courses and documents may be found below.

Educational Requirements Insurance Licences

An official transcript of marks is required as proof of completion of courses.


I have multiple licences of the same type due to multiple brokerages/firms. Do I still need multiple licences?

No.  You can now list all brokerages/firms on one licence.  You can make this change on your renewal application.  Please refer to the Renewal guide.

Can I request to change a brokerage/firm online?

Yes, this can be done by submitting a Brokerage Change Request in the portal.  Select the Change Brokerage option after selecting ‘Manage’ for the applicable licence.


I am the sponsor of an agent/broker that was terminated; can I terminate sponsorship of a licence online?

Yes.  Select the application from your list of sponsored licencees. At the bottom of the page is an option to withdraw sponsorship. 


Can I still renew the old way by sending in a paper renewal application?

No.  Going forward, all renewals must be done through the portal at

How will the online renewal process work?

The renewal process has been simplified and is comprised of a series of questions you will be asked to complete in the portal.  You will be asked to confirm/update the following:

  • The broker/firm/agency you work for/with
  • Your sponsoring insurer (for certain licences)
  • Your trust account information (for certain licences)
  • Licences held in another jurisdiction
  • Your other business activity or employment
  • Your licence or registration with respect to mutual funds or securities trading (for certain licences)

Given that we have moved all your existing licence information to the new system, please review each of these steps carefully to ensure all your information is correct and up to date.

You will also be asked a series of suitability questions, to confirm that since your last licence was issued you have not:

  • Been subject to any regulatory action
  • Been subject to a court judgment which has not been satisfied
  • Had a criminal conviction
  • Been subject to a bankruptcy proceeding or entered into a consumer proposal
  • Been dismissed by an employer

I am signed into the portal, but don’t have the option to renew my licence. Why can’t I renew?

There are several reasons why this might be the case:

  • You can only renew during the period starting 8 weeks prior to the expiry date of the licence.
  • Renewal can only be done up to 6 months after the expiry date has passed.
  • Renewals are not permitted for certain types of licences.  In this case, a new application must be submitted for an upgraded licence.
  • For certain types of licences, there is a limit to how many times a renewal can be done before a new application must be submitted for an upgraded licence.