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Applying for Your Insurance Licence

The following pertains to those applying for any insurance licence under the Insurance Act

Applicants must be sponsored by an insurer that is licensed to conduct the same type of insurance business in the province. The licence shall expressly limit the authorization of the agent to the class of insurance for which the insurer is licensed.

Applicants must be 19 years of age or older to apply for an insurance licence and must complete an application through the FCNB Self-Serve Portal and submit the following required information and documentation:

  • A criminal record check from an approved vendor or police agency.
  • The name of your sponsoring insurer, as required.
  • The name of the licensed firm you will be representing, as required.
  • The name of your supervisor, as required.
  • The details on trust accounts, as required.
  • Current and previous employment details.

The applicant must have also successfully completed the licensing qualifications and educational requirements for the type of licence being requested.

If the applicant is working for a corporation other than an insurer, that corporation must be registered. This is a requirement under the New Brunswick Business Corporations Act, which states that any extra-provincial corporation carrying on business in New Brunswick must be registered.

The applicant must confirm and provide proof, as required that they are covered by an errors and omissions insurance policy as described in Rule INS-001.

Failure to properly answer all application questions or to provide the required information to complete the review may result in delayed processing or closure of your application.

It is an offence to provide false, misleading or incomplete information on the application and/or attachments and doing so may be sufficient grounds to reject the application or revoke a licence and could result in enforcement action and/or fines.

All applications must be accompanied by the appropriate non-refundable application fee as outlined in Rule INS-002 Insurance Fees. To ensure that you are remitting the appropriate fee for the applicable licence check the fees page.

The Superintendent of Insurance must be satisfied that the applicant is suitable to receive a licence and intends to carry on business with the public in good faith as an insurance agent.

To continue an application already in process or to check the status of a submitted application, log into the FCNB Self-Serve Portal

Use the FCNB Self-Serve Portal to make changes to address or contact information. Upon renewal, licensees must notify FCNB of any changes to other information that constitutes a change since their last application.